China Town Glory

sometimes New York just feels... overcrowded. So I took to one of the most crowded parts of the city and tried to find some moments of silence.

All shot on hasselblad 503cw


stock: my first time with film

98900006 copy.jpg

I actually took these pictures a long time ago. I had just bought my first proper 35mm film camera (Pentax ME). To be honest, I don't like it. It sort of makes the images look digital. Like a weird digital edit. But it was awesome trying to figure out the settings without seeing the footage. I actually found the process of shooting, going to the developers, and getting my images emailed to be exciting. I think next time I'll use different film or maybe upgrade my film camera.

The image above is of my best friend Jayde when were at a picnic in central park. All of the images below are from different moments but no one has ever seen them and my Instagram is so curated.