For me, imagemaking is about breaking away from tradition and exploring new perspectives. Embarking on an imaginative journey that transports and transforms the old into the new. The way I think about my work is greatly inspired by the revolutionaries who raised me. Growing up in a largely political family on one hand and a deeply spiritual family on the other, I combine those worlds to create something new. My photography is warm, soft, intimate, and inviting. The intention is to transport you to the inner world of my subject, literally or emotionally. 

By cultivating a sense of playfulness and intimacy, I'm able to capture images that are authentic and genuine, reflecting the unique personalities and dynamics of each individual or group.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I'm passionate about bringing those stories to life through my imagemaking. Whether I'm capturing a moment of pure joy or a more contemplative, introspective moment, my goal is always to make the human feel seen in my work.

One of my favorite aspects of imagemaking is celebrating the quirks and dynamics of humanity. Whether it's a shared laugh, an inside joke, or a particular mannerism. These small moments are what make my work truly meaningful.

Howard University



Clients include — McDonald’s, Target, Clorox, Band-Aid, LIFEWTR, A-Life, Adidas, Blueshield of California, BEATS by Dre, Hypebae, Essence Magazine +

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